GUIARTE MADRID: Madrid Tourist Guide

Madrid, capital of Spain and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. A city willing to be known through guided tours that I offer on this website, by the hand of a professional, not only an official guide, a fellow traveler prepared to show the monuments, charms, secrets and history of a city anyone who makes you feel outside.


But in the Madrid not only have the great cosmopolitan city, with theaters, museums and music, there are other places worth visiting, such as the Complutense Alcalá de Henares, birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes and Heritage Site since 1998 declared by UNESCO.


Also, if you like, in the section "surroundings", you have the option to visit another very unfamiliar province, Guadalajara, all of them marked by a powerful family, Mendoza, with cities like Brihuega, Siguenza, Pastrana or capital or corners as the peoples of the Black Architecture



The Municipal Markets have always been the place of direct contact of the neighbors, where traders always treat you with affection and the product is of quality. In recent years, many of these establishments has closed because of Mall, others are still open mixing tradition and modernity, becoming new tourist destinations where you can taste the traditional cuisine and even from other corners of the world.


It is the most important art gallery in the world harboring great masterpieces of painters such as Goya, Rubens, Titian, Bosch, Velazquez, Raffael, El Greco ... Do you want to know what's Meninas Velazquez hide?, What the table of the 7 deadly sins wants to transmit? or who was the model who posed for Goya in "Nude and Clothed Majas"?, a painting has a lot to tell and curiosities to discover that only a professional guide can help you see it.


Today in the XXI Century we have TV programs that tell the stories of the famous and powerful, but, is this new?, not at all, gossip and liars have always been, traditionally, places where friends of this "sport" use to meet, were called "gossip place" in spanish "mentideros", a well placed public places, where the lies were running before the news. In this visit in the Habsburg Neighborhood you will discover a lot of curious histories.


All of us we can visit a city, natural area, monument or museum on our own. But the best way to understand them is with a professional local guide.


It is an eminently vocational PROFESSION where our greatest satisfaction is that the tourist at the end of their visit leaves with a feeling of wanting to repeat for his pleasant experience in which he has discovered new spaces in a nice visit.


"Todo el grupo encantado. Ameno, interesante, y muy amable. De los guías que resaltan un sitio y hacen la visita verdaderamente inolvidable. Gracias." Ricardo Olalla Guerra - España

"Manuel es un gran conocedor de la historia y un enamorado de su región. A eso agrégale amabilidad y disponibilidad y ya tienes el guía perfecto. Mi familia está muy agradecida con el servicio que nos brindó." Jesús Guillen - México

"We had a lovely day around the " Pueblos de Arquitectura negra" Manuel was not only informative but also inspiring about his love for his region. We learned about the rocks , history , food, etc. Highly recommended. He is a great tour guide and host."  John and Katina - Australia