Madrid is an historical city that was found by the muslims in IX century B.C, the unique european chapital city. After, during the medieval age, start to be one of the most important cities of the kingdom of Castille, but, it was in 1561, with the king Felipe II, of Habsburg dinasty when started to be the official capital of Spain.


From this moment Madrid passed to be a little village to a great city, that is because the old neighborhood of Madrid is known as the Habsburg Neighborhood. We will find in our tour around little streets and quiets square, archeological rest of the muslims period, beautifull palaces such as Duke of Lerma or Royal Palace, old convents today in use such as Trinity or "Carboneras", importants churchs as San Isidro or San Ginés, places where took place judgements of the Spanish Inquisition as the Main Square or traditional markets as the famous "El Rastro".


A walking tour in the heart of Madrid where you can feel the history of more of 1000 years.



The meeting point you have it marked on the map and then visit, authoug we can start in other place if you want. I recommend you this itinerary:

  • Equestrian sculpture of Felipe IV.

  • Old houses of the Princess of Eboli.

  • Army Church and Captaincy General

  • Villa's Square

  • Elbow Street

  • Market of Saint Michael

  • Main Square

  • Postas Street

  • Puerta del Sol Square


Walking about 1 hour ½ to 2 hours depending on the group.




  • Madrid de los Austrias
  • Madrid de los Austrias
  • Madrid de los Austrias
  • Madrid de los Austrias
  • Madrid de los Austrias