Alcarria hides a treasure that was discoverd a few years ago thanks the Nobel Prize of Literature Camilo José Cela with his book "Journey to the Alcarria". But from the last years is famous in Summer thanks other thing, the lavander, this landscape is knows as “The Spanish Provenze” where the smell and colour makes you your visit a great experience for yours senses



  • Gate of the Chain. One of the doors of the medieval town.

  • Fountain of the twelve pipes and old laundry room.

  • Main Square or Coso's Square. City Hall and prison of Carlos III.

  • Gate of the ball, which leads to the castle grounds

  • Muslims's Caves. €2,00 pax

  • Castle of red-stone Bermeja *

  • Church of Saint Mary of Stone, Cistercian style. 10,00€ per group

  • Gate of Cozagón

  • Church of San Felipe

  • Gardens of Royal Textile Factory of Charles III *

Optional visits

  • Museum of miniatures of Professor Max.

  • visit a Lavander destillery. € 3.00 pax

  • visit the landscape of Lavander

Can be combined with the following destinations:


Around 2 hours and 30 minutes. You can spend all day if you want to visit every place.




  • Brihuega 1
  • Brihuega 2
  • Brihuega 3
  • Brihuega 4
  • Brihuega 5
  • Brihuega 6
  • Brihuega 7
  • Brihuega 8
  • Brihuega 9