It is the most important Historic Site in all province of Guadalajara, the second destiny of the region of Castilla-La Mancha in numbers of tourists, after the imperial city, Toledo. Sigüenza is a perfect medieval city that preserve the history and heritage, in this tour you will enjoy and discover a rich city with beautifull monuments such as the great cathedral, one of the top ten of Spain.



When you arrive to this beautiful city, you see that history lives inside of its stones and monuments. The route type would usually performed:

  • Old Jewish Neighborhood

  • National Parador-Castle. Old Palace of the Bishops

  • Prision Square

  • “Travesaña” Street. Outside of:

  • Church of San Vicente.

  • House of Doncel. €2.00 pax

  • Church of Santiago. €1.00 pax

  • Sun Gate

  • Main Street and Main Square

  • Cathedral. Sacristy, Cloister and Chaples. €4.00 pax Special price with tour-guide

  • Baroque Neighborhood of San Roque

Can be combined with the following destinations:



The tour is about 2 hours and 30 minutes.




  • Siguenza 1
  • Siguenza 2
  • Siguenza 3
  • Siguenza 4
  • Siguenza 5
  • Siguenza 6
  • Siguenza 7
  • Siguenza 8
  • Siguenza 9